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As a Certified Life Coach, Tamiko empowers her clients to gain clarity out of confusion. Get clear on your goals, your life purpose, and your values so that you can live the empowered life you were created to live. 

Tamiko's career as an Empowerment Coach/Consultant & Speaker was birthed from her own personal experience of being emotionally and spiritually wounded from toxic relationships, domestic violence, childhood experiences, generational curses and just life experiences in general. Because she doesn't want other women to suffer that way that she did, she created a platform that empowers women to move past their hurts and pains by understanding the lesson behind what they went through. Allowing them to turn their Wounds Into Wisdom so that they can have a healthy, successful future filled with love, trust, purpose, and peace.

If you are interested in working with Tamiko as your Life Coach, CLICK HERE to schedule a complimentary empowerment coaching session to see if her coaching style is a good fit for you. 


Empowerment breakthrough sessions are one hour and are available in the areas of fear, purpose, values, happiness and goal setting.


THE EMPOWERMENT FORMULA - This 6-week coaching program will empower you in the 6 core areas of personal development so that you can live an empowered life of passion, purpose, potential, and peace.

*Week 1: The Fear Factor

*Week 2: Discovering Your Life Purpose, Live Your Dreams

*Week 3: Know Your Values, Understand Your Worth

*Week 4: Become a Goal Digger

*Week 5: Ultimate Self-confidence

*Week 6: Walk in Your Authentic Power

 In addition to the weekly coaching sessions, you will receive weekly homework assignments, handouts, and other tips, tools, and resources to empower you to live an empowered life so that you can become the empowered woman you were born to be.

SELF-DISCOVERY COACHING - This program is designed to specifically to help you get to know yourself better and express yourself more authentically in the world: Who are you? What do you love? What really matters to you? What do you value most about yourself? Where might you be sabotaging yourself? 

  • Brainstorm and Prioritize your Top 10 Values!
  • Learn "What Makes Your Heart Sing!"
  • Gain Confidence 
  • Explore their inner Gremlin
  • Learn what you value MOST about yourself!
  • Connect with your intuition

5 STEPS TO TURN YOUR WOUNDS INTO WISDOM - This 5-week coaching program gives your the opportunity to become empowered, find closure, and become a real life survivor. It's designed to empower your to turn your wounds into wisdom. No matter what you go through in life, there is always a lesson to grow wise from. 

LIFE BALANCE AND SELF-CARE COACHING - Explore and understand how to achieve more balance in your life. 

  • Find the calm your've been looking for.
  • Assess your current levels of balance & self-care.
  • Learn your unique self-care needs.
  • Learn to set boundaries and say 'No'
  • FREE Gift! The Power of "No" Workbook.

SHARE YOUR STORY, ASPIRING AUTHOR PROGRAM - Are you a survivor, overcomer, conqueror, or victor? Are you ready to encourage, inspire, and empower the masses with your story? Share your story by becoming a published author. CLICK HERE to find out more about my publishing company and services for aspiring authors. 

SURVIVOR'S SPEAK- This program is for those who have inspirational stories of survivorship and wish to begin sharing their story in a public setting. .


  • 4 weekly one hour coaching sessions Discover your hidden voice.
  • Why me? Turning you pain into purpose Speak with confidence
  • Learn to embrace the power of your testimony.
  • Empower, motvate and inspire your audience.
  • The business of speaking
  • Speaker one sheet 

The Program:

Week 1. Am I ready to share my story?
Week 2. Preparing to share my story
Week 3. Booking speaking engagements

Week 4. Preparing for a TV or radio interview 

Week 5. Bonus Q&A session


Legislative Advocate - Violence Against Women Consultant



If you want to change the world through advocacy, you need two basic things: great strategy and great follow-up. This workshop focuses on creating a strategic advocacy plan that includes clear and focused goals, budgeting for advocacy, digital advocacy, developing your advocacy message, tools and techniques for building an advocacy campaign, and advancing your advocacy mission.

All coaching & consulting programs can be facilitated in a workshop format and tailored to meet the needs of the individual or group.




As a Legislative advocate, Tamiko uses her experience and expertise to influence the introduction, enactment, or modification of legislation related to victim rights, violence against women, and other issues that affect women and girls. She does this through direct lobbying, meeting with legislators, and sharing her personal and her client's views on an issue, and encourages legislators to vote a specific way on a bill.

Tamiko believes that we should remind leaders and government officials of their responsibilities to their constituents and offer them constructive ideas. By doing this, we can bring about public policy changes. We must speak out for ourselves and on behalf of those who may not be able to speak for themselves.

Over the years Tamiko has been successful in lobbying and advocating for bills such as Georgia House Bill 911, The Violence Against Women Act and Marsy’s Law For Georgia just to name a few.



  • Domestic Violence Advocacy Training
  • Teen Dating Violence Training For Adults Who Serve Youth
  • Tools and Techniques For Effective Advocacy & Lobbying
  • Legislative Advocate & Lobbying Services Provided

To hire Tamiko as a Legislative Advocate for your cause/initiative or to schedule a customized Advocacy Training for your organization CLICK HERE!