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Hello and welcome to my website. I'm Tamiko Lowry-Pugh, affectionately called The Empowering Diva! Once you get to know me, you'll understand why. 

My career as an Empowerment Coach/Consultant & Speaker was birthed from my own personal experience of being emotionally and spiritually wounded from toxic relationships, domestic violence, childhood experiences, generational curses and just life experiences in general. Because I didn't want other women to struggle through the healing process as I did, I created a platform with several programs to empower women to move past their hurts and painful experiences. I believe that when you understand that there is a lesson behind what you went through, you are able to turn your Wounds Into Wisdom and begin the journey to a healthy, successful future filled with love, trust, purpose, and peace.

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Tamiko Lowry-Pugh

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